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15:21 | 25/02/2023
On the afternoon of February 18, 2023, AMY GRUPO and AMY SAIGON in collaboration with the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH) organized the AMY DESIGN AWARD CEREMONY 
Officially launched in the mid of November 2022, the AMY DESIGN AWARD theme “Create flawless spaces” opened for designers, architects, and students majoring in design or architecture with a total price of up to 8000 USD. From its announcement, the competition drew great attention from the public and had some prestigious media sponsors.

The AMY DESIGN AWARD Ceremony was free-entrance and attended by Mr. Tran Tuan Dai - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Director of AMY GRUPO, Ms. Naomi Thuy Nguyen - a high-profiled architect in the architecture industry, Ms. Marielle Genet Rakotomalala - a french interior designer, lecturers from UAH, Top 10 candidates. 

The event was shaped by three memorable moments: The speech of the Top 10 candidates about their idea and design, the Judges’ comments and questions, and the winner's announcement. 
Judging panel for the final round of the Award Ceremony 

Three months from submission to the gala ceremony, the Top 10 outstanding designs were chosen by meeting both aesthetics and functionality value and add-on creativity. The winner, second and third prizes were awarded the cash prize, trophies, certificates, and gifts. 

Representative of the top 10 individuals/groups with the best design

All submissions were appreciated by the judging panel. Designs were carefully prepared following modern architectural trends with new approaches to functionality, technologies, and materials. 
BOXUMI Team - Alumnus of UAH won the first prize in AMY DESIGN AWARD 2022.  

Lucid dream presented today's life with the profound influence of AI on human life posing a wonder of replacing designers, and architects in the time to come and what would we do If our right brain no longer works. 
Using Hologram light to create an artistic space
Then as an answer, the Lucid dream team expressed their idea: "Where there is creativity and creative activity, there is flawless beauty". With the motto of minimalist design and the use of compatible neutral colors along with high-class interior materials of Amy Grupo, this design has highlighted and met the criteria set out by the competition. With a dreamy and virtual theme along with the effect of light, it satisfied the creative idea of the owner (who is a game designer).

Minimal style with neutral colors featured by AMY Tiles

“Hidden behind the foliage” by a three-man team (Thanh Dat - Phan Khai - Dinh Chien) is inspired by Cat Tien Dong Nai's primeval forest winning the second prize

The third prize belongs to Tran Duc Thinh - an alumna of UAH with a project name: “A Life - Three lives”

Thinh ingeniously combined the artistic shimmer of the stage with the insides of transgenders, while expressing the meaningful message: Be yourself!. 

This year of the AMY DESIGN AWARD ended leaving impressive projects and memorable moments afterward. Projects were highlighted by inheriting cultural values in combination with modern life, not to mention adding creativity to deliver uniqueness. 

AMY GRUPO, with years of experience in providing building materials to both domestic and foreign markets, promises the AMY DESIGN AWARD will be the launchpad for young designers, and architects so they could seek chances to show their ability and capture the latest trend in worldwide design and construction markets. 

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