Product  Sanitary wares

Asani Wash basin code: 9701

Code: 92.N1.9701.00
Thương hiệu: ASANI
1. Origin
brand sanitary ware products are owned by AMY GRUPO.
2.  Technical standards:
All ASANI sanitary ware products meet the technical requirements of Vietnam standards such as requirements on appearance ; product size deviation, copper content requirements ( Cu), lead content requirements (Pb), ... and performance requirements.

Code : 92.N1.9701.00
· Warranty (copper body) 5 years.
·  Elegant and modern design.
· Copper (Cu) alloy main material has high antibacterial ability.
· Valve Cartridge is anti-scale, durable and smooth operation.
· Durable internal structure with 3mm faucet body thickness.
· Material c opper alloy with copper (Cu) accounted for 61%.
· Nickel coating thickness is ≥ 12μm, Chrome plating layer is ≥ 0.3μm.
· Strong water flow pressure: Min: 0.05 Mpa and Max: 0.75 MPa.
· Water mode: Hot and cold.
·  Faucet body.
·  Showerhead .
·  Shower piping .
· Others: shower holder , decorative cover shower, O –ring , rubber gasket...
Thân chậu.

Địa chỉ: AMY GRUPO

Address: Lot 1, Lien Hoa, Lien Son , Thai Hoa IZ, Hoa Son Town, Lap Thach Dis, Vinh Phu Prov.

Hotline: 0211 2481 889

1.Notes on installation
·  Water temperature in the range ~ 40C - 900C. Maximum recommended water temperature ~600C.
· Maximum test water pressure > 1.75 Mpa (Static pressure). Recommended water pressure ~ 0.1 – 0.75 Mpa (Dynamic pressure).
2.Notes when in use:
· Using ASANI products with clear origin and genuine distribution at agents and distributors nationwide;
·  Carefully read the installation instructions, product use and product warranty policy;
· Ensure the water supply and drainage system conforms to the technical characteristics and installation standards of the product;
·  Do not place the product in a highly corrosive environment (acid, salt, alkaline) or use a water source that does not meet quality standards;
· Do not clean and maintain the product by rubbing hard objects, inappropriate rags or using detergents and chemicals on the surface of the product.
·  Do not arbitrarily modify the design or change the function of the product;
· Do not repair or replace components or accessories that are not ASANI's or recommended by AMY GRUPO yourself;
·  The hot water supply side of the faucet has a high temperature, avoid direct contact with metal surfaces because it can cause burns.
· Pay attention to install the right side of hot and cold water supply, avoid confusion that can easily cause burns.


Asani touch faucet code 046001

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Asani Wash basin code: 9637

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Asani Wash basin 9633

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Asani hot and cold shower - Code : 2101

Code: 41.AS.01.2101.04
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Asani hot and cold shower - Code : 2003

Code: 41.AS.01.2003.04
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